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april, 2019

24apr - 28apr 2410:00 AMapr 28  The Netherlands - 5 Day Intensive

Guldenberg HotelGuldenberg 12 5268 KR Helvoirt The Netherlands

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From Illusion to Enlightenment – A 5-Day Intensive

From the moment of birth we are inundated with illusion. Our parents live in and believe that life is the way it is – illusions. Their parents believed in the illusions of life, and their parents, on and on for countless generations. So the odds are very strong that each generation will be saturated in illusions, taking all the deeper meaning out of themselves and their lives.

The creative power of unconditional Love plays a very important role in piercing the illusion. Love is perceived as an emotion, but this is not so. Love is the power of creation. It is said that ‘God is Love’ which is true. And it is Love that created the world – not an emotion. Love is existence itself, it’s what we are; the frequency that links us all to each other, to Nature, to our world and to our relationship with our eternal divinity.

In my 80 years I have learned that emotional balance, unconditional Love and realising the true meaning of life and of Self are the greatest gifts one can achieve. These are the treasures that stay with us forever and I have dedicated my life to helping others experience this also.

The overall objective of an Intensive is that the participant will be able to go home with a clear knowing of how to inner-grow from the deceit of illusion to the clarity of enlightenment, and how to create a fulfilling and enriching life. Our conscious relationship with ourselves is, by far, the most important relationship we will ever have. It creates the foundation for our relationship with life, with health, with abundance . . . with everything.

The Intensives are designed as a transformational process to raise your consciousness through a natural synthesis of simplicity, clarity, wisdom and Truth. Through dialogue, guided experiential inner-exercises and plenty of fun, laughter and ‘letting go’, they provide a rare and welcome opportunity to embrace emotional balance, mental clarity, inner-peace and inner-freedom. You will learn a way of living that is soul-fulfilling and life-changing. The outstanding results from my thousands of participants speak for themselves.

I have navigated the murky waters of metaphysics and spirituality for over five decades and landed on the elusive shore of Enlightenment over 30 years ago. This makes me a more than qualified tour guide in helping others pierce the veil of illusion and discover their Truth, so you too, can reach that seemingly ‘distant shore.’ Actually, it’s closer than your breath. So . . . please join us!




We are living in a time of huge change. Either humanity continues as it has for thousands of years with the same patterns of behaviour, the same beliefs, and holding on to the same negative emotions so that we will harvest the same fights, wars, crime, poverty, etc., or we can change our state of consciousness and do it differently.

But WHO? Who is going to do it differently? Because we make ourselves so small in life, we think someone else will do it. We do not believe in our own strength and love. The people who are going to do it are, in my opinion, those who are now working with inner-processing and wanting to live their daily lives differently; the people who have learnt through personal growth and now want to support others in whatever way. WE are the people who are doing it differently. It is us; we who are open toward another way of living and taking responsibility. We are the ones – people who are open to the new and help others to believe in themselves. We, together, are the ‘do-ers’ in this process. We need to be open to this and share this together. We are a part of the whole and, as Michael says, “the whole is in a part.” As he also says, “It is time to live our truth as Magnificent Beings of LOVE and LIGHT.”

I am convinced that we can be part of this global change in human consciousness and together, lovingly make it manifest on earth. By bringing together our strengths and love and doing what we are good at, we can change the world. I call on people to live through this process of healing, loving, and opening our hearts together with Michael, so that hereafter we can help support others in this process.

Come to Michael’s activities. Let yourself be inspired. Experience Love and receive insight in your personal process and your direction in life. At a talk you can receive inspiration and warm feelings. In a workshop you can experience more depth in your own growth process, but in the Intensive you can learn to really open your heart and grow in consciousness.

Dear people, if you feel attracted to what Michael embodies and teaches, sign up and start growing. If you feel that this is your ‘moment’ . . . do it. Not only for yourself, but also for all of us.

With Love,


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Organisatie: Irene Pielich and André Koggel

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24 (Wednesday) 10:00 AM - 28 (Sunday) 4:00 PM


Guldenberg Hotel

Guldenberg 12 5268 KR Helvoirt The Netherlands


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